The Life of David

In the life of David you will learn how he started his life as a young shepherd, then was chosen by God to become king over the children of Israel and to rule from Jerusalem.  God made a covenant with him; he promised him that his throne would be established forever.  How would that be?  Because the Messiah would be born from his line and rule over all people of the earth.  Many of these prophecies about the Messiah were given by David in the Psalms.  He wrote many Psalms of praise (like in 2 Samuel 22 below), and we use them to this day to worship God.

David’s life was difficult.  He had many enemies (even one of his own sons betrayed him), and David had to repent from his sins.  In spite of all this, God used him as a king, a prophet, a writer of Psalms and an ancestor of the Messiah.  Do you want God to use you for good in this world?  Listen to the life of David, and ask God to touch you through his word.

To download the Life of David in mp3 format (for listening), click here (mp3-zip – 18 files – 85 MB).