Film of the Gospel of Matthew

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ told to us by God’s messenger Matthew. In this book we see how people from the East (Arabia or Persia) bring gifts to Jesus at his birth. John the Baptist (Yahya) points people to Christ. Jesus heals the sick, casts out demons, raises the dead, gives sight to the blind, walks on water, and feeds crowds of people. He teaches and preaches and tells many parables. He warns us about hypocrisy and tells us about the judgment on the last day. And he dies on the cross and rises from the dead in order to save us from the punishment and shame of that judgment that we deserve. He then sends us into the world with his message of good news.

Download the movie for cell phones (mp4-zip – 28 files – 842 MB).

Download the first part of the movie for computers in Full – HD format (mp4-zip – 14 files – 3 GB).

Download the second part of the movie for computers in Full-HD format (mp4-zip – 14 files – 3.4 GB).