The book of Revelation

What will happen when Jesus Christ returns?  What will the end of the world be like?  What is heaven and hell like?  Who is the antichrist? What are the new heavens and the new earth?  Will I be there?  Who will be saved and who will perish?  Why are so many people against Christians?  Why do people persecute, criticize and despise Christians and make them suffer?  Where do Christians get the strength to endure suffering and forgive their enemies?  Does God send judgments on the earth?  What will the day of judgment be like?  What is the second death and how can I avoid it?

Listen to this book and learn the answers to these questions and many others.  The author, the apostle John, uses many symbols and pictures to show us the spiritual realities behind things that are happening now and during the whole time between the first and the second comings of Christ.

To download the book of Revelation in audio format (mp3), click here (mp3-zip – 22 files – 60 MB).