Testimony of an Ayt Ndir woman

Before I believed, I was really sick.  I had a lot of health problems, especially with my head. However, I still continued my prayers all the time even though my sister would tell me, “It’s too much for you to keep moving your head up and down.”

At night both of us would sleep in the same room.  My sister listened a lot to the radio.  She really liked a program about Jesus Christ.  Even though I listened to that program, I still did my prayers. One day I put a cassette about Jesus, how he did many miracles and healed people who were sick and paralyzed. I understood the power he had, and I believed in him.

From that time on the problems that I had disappeared.  He healed me, and I believe in him now. He changed my life so much, because he gives eternal life, peace and love. I know now that he died for me and that he has gone up to heaven.